Best Anti Hair Fall Tips You Must Follow

Falling hair is not just about age or genes.

Falling hair is not just about age or genes. It can also come from an unhealthy lifestyle. We do not necessarily know, but the first cells to suffer when we neglect his body are those of the hair. As well as those of the skin. In both cases, it is called “fast-renewal” cells.

So, if your hair tends to fall too much, we recommend that you closely monitor your lifestyle . To help you, here are 6 anti hair fall tips that we have especially presented here just for you to follow nowadays to prevent hair lose and hair care.

A healthier lifestyle to prevent your hair from falling

1. Diet for healthy hair

The right diet for your hair is to avoid saturated fats and must provide you with daily five essential food components for the development of your hair follicles, namely proteins, sulfur, zinc, iron and vitamins in Group B.

Diet for healthy hair to prevent hair loss

2. Stop stressing

It is the enemy  number one. When the stress manifests itself , it triggers, at the level of the scalp, a series of reactions such as the compression of the blood vessels, a less irrigation of the roots, a stimulation of the androgenic hormones .

In the long term, these reactions lead to the refinement and premature hair loss.

To try to remedy this, we advise you to make a course of magnesium , which contributes to the balance of neurotransmitters: it is a natural regulator of nervous excitability, an excellent anti-stress.

Our recommendation: a cure of 6 to 8 weeks, especially at the season entrances (autumn and spring), at a time when the hair is more fragile.


Stop stressing to prevent hair loss

3. Stop smoking

Among other nuisances, tobacco reduces the elasticity of the blood vessels, particularly numerous and narrow, in the scalp.

It can therefore significantly reduce the flow of blood to the roots of your hair. For your hair, six, seven cigarettes a day are a maximum. But as long as you do, if you can stop smoking , your whole body will thank you.

Stop tobacco and smoking

4. Play sports

Contrary to popular belief, sport is beneficial for your hair , it helps the body to eliminate toxins in the form of sweat and sebum.

But there are certain precautions to take: the perspiration must not remain on the scalp because it may unbalance its pH. After your workout, you should rinse your hair or wash it with mild, low foaming products.

5. Give a little gym for healthy hair

Yes, your hair can also play sports! Like any other part of the body, the scalp needs some exercise to stimulate blood circulation and promote root activity. Do not hesitate to massage your head regularly .

Gym for the healthy hair

6. Choose best shampoo

Succeeding your shampoo is an integral part of your lifestyle, especially if the volume of your hair tends to decrease. Like brushing your teeth , the operation requires some key principles to respect the ecology of your scalp:

  • Do not skimp on the price: it’s not the number of shampoos a week that matters, but the quality and the smoothness of the product.
  • Do not skimp on the rinse: even if you wash your hair every day, even if you are in a hurry, an extended rinse is the best of healthy hair. Without it, the hair is dull, the scalp and the hair are more vulnerable to air pollution.
  • With each shampoo, make it one: the first lava, the second decape.
  • Use a suitable shampoo: not all men have the same type of hair. All shampoos are not made for you!

Shampoos to prevent hair loss

If, despite these anti-fall tips, you cannot stop your hair loss or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to comment below so that we can touch with you.

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